Fjord Hybrid

Fjord Hybrid is a hybrid system developed to reduce consumption and safeguard operations on feeding barges.



There are large variations and fluctuations in energy requirements during the course of production. The most energy-intensive periods make up a very small percentage of the time during the course of production, but these are the periods that drive the sizing of the diesel generators and shore power connection.

We have therefore developed a hybrid solution, Fjord Hybrid, that reduces emissions and consumption by optimising the running pattern of the diesel generator or in combination with shore power.

The result is safe, sustainable energy production.

Fjord Hybrid

Since 2016, we have focused exclusively on developing Fjord Hybrid for aquaculture. A hybrid system means that energy production comes from two different sources. This is where the stored energy comes in. This is where the stored energy comes in.

The hybrid system uses the residual capacity from the generator to charge the batteries, while at the same time the generator feeds electricity to the rest of the facility. Once the batteries are fully charged, the generator stops and FJORD HYBRID® operates the facility.

This philosophy provides our customers with the maximum number of kilowatt hours per litre of diesel and minimum running time of the diesel generator.

  • Up to 90% reduction in Co2-emissions
  • Up to 90% reduction in diesel generator running time
  • Up to 60% reduction in consumption

Energy available at all times

Food fish production is dependent on energy In order to provide the fish with the best conditions in which to grow and thrive, certain prerequisites need to be in place.

The battery packs that we supply as part of the hybrid solution mean that power will be available at all times. In reality, this means that, if any challenges arise with the diesel generator, shore power or other energy source, it will always be possible to operate the facility safely.

This allows the fish to grow in safe circumstances at all times.

Sustainable energy solution

At Fjord Maritime, we are dedicated to finding sustainable energy solutions. We develop all our solutions with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the greatest extent possible.

By offering a total solution, we ensure that we are able to help our customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from start to finish.

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