Collaborating with Cooke Aquaculture

In February 2022 we delivered our first Fjord Hybrid to Cooke Aquaculture Scotland. The system was installed in a brand new fleet, produced by Gael Force GroupCooke Aquaculture Scotland has reduced their Co2-emissions since day one, and will continue to run their site in a sustainable way.

In June 2022 we travelled to the wonderful Orkney Islands to meet up with Cooke Aquaculture Scotland.  We wanted to get feedback on how their experience has been, working on a feed barge with Fjord Hybrid installed. The respond was amazing , and we really look forward to further work on our partnership together with Cooke Aquaculture Scotland – their focus on sustainability impress us.

While going to the Orkney’s we also shot a video together with Cooke Aquaculture Scotland.  We want to show how the system works and what you can expect to get when investing in the solution. We also want to show how we provide world class service after Fjord Hybrid is installed an running. One of the most important aspects of our solution is making sure we optimize the system to our best ability. That means that we make sure every fish farmer get as much energy out of every litre off fuel used.  We optimize the energy consumption so you can reduce the fuel consumption. And we monitor the power supply 24/7 with our Fjord Control system.

With a Fjord Hybrid installed you will reduce the GHG (CO2e). You will reduce your fuel consumption. And last but not least, secure your power supply that’s crucial while producing fish.

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