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Thinking about going green?

When going green you will probably face alot of different questions. We believe that we can help you on the way!

If you are interested in knowing more about our products and solutions we recommend you to contact one of our sales manager above.

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The purpose of our Remote Operation Central

In addition to Fjord Hybrid we have developed Fjord Control, a system that provides customers at all times with a full overview of all the technical activities at the breeding facility while at the same time collecting environmental data.

Our service department makes sure you always have the energy you need.

ROC have the goal of always be available and have a short response time. We also make sure that our customers get their reports, documentation and services done on time. Everything we do is to make sure that our customers reach their goals regarding Co2.

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Research and development

We always look to develop our products and solutions; hybrid, digial or new products. In that regard we have a team that constantly work on pushing the boundaries.

Tommy Tveit Haugland, Senior SW & Automation
Erik Baklund, Senior Software Engineer
Erlend Osland Nytveit, Software Engineer
Sander Bergesen, Service Engineer


Looking for a new possibility?

Our goal is to make sure that the aquaculture gets “greener” every day by pushing the limits of energy production.

in Fjord Maritime we work daily on developing our technology, inovation and mindset. This is not an easy job, but we believe that we can do it with the right people “onboard”. If you relate to what you just read, you should think about applying for a job in Fjord Maritime!

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