We supply sustainable energy solutions to the aquaculture industry.


Fjord Hybrid

Our specialists have been providing sustainable energy solutions to the aquaculture industry since 2016.

  • Hybrid connected to a diesel generator
  • Hybrid connected to shore power
  • Alternative power sources

In other words, we perform the installation, get the system up and running and optimise energy consumption continuously.

Fjord Control

Once Fjord Hybrid has been installed, our customers gain access to the Fjord Control platform, which provides a complete overview of power consumption on the feeding barge.

The same platform is used by our support department, which monitors the system 24/7, optimises consumption and ensures stable operation.


Fjord Energy

Fjord Energy develops and offers energy storage systems (ESS) adapted to industries’ value chain.

  • ESS installed in battery room
  • ESS for industry and agriculture
  • ESS cabinet for vessels under 24 metres

Sustainable energy optimisation in various locations

‘Energy optimisation’ is a broad term. What we do is to ensure that you gain the most power possible from the energy that you produce. That is, we connect your energy production and ensure that it is stored and used as efficiently as possible.

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