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Fjord Energy offers solutions for:
- Shipping
- Industry
- Agriculture
- Housing and holiday homes

EES deckhouse

A deckhouse is a DNV-approved container solution that meets requirements for storing battery packs on board ships. Including own requirements for ventilation and fire extinguishing.

Such a deckhouse can typically contain around 1000kWh of battery. Ships can use the batteries for various purposes:

  • Propulsion
  • Supply energy to other systems on board
  • Redundant energy for power operations
  • Even out the peaks in energy consumption on board (peak shaving)

EES cabinet

An ESS cabinet for vessels under 24 meters has different requirements from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and is simpler than for deckhouses.

Norway has a very large number of service boats that operate along our coast. These operate operations moored with the main machinery idling to operate cranes and winches.

Service boats can use ESS cabinets for various purposes

  • Propulsion
  • Hotel cargo
  • Energy for hydraulic pumps
  • Combination of the above

Fjord Energy offers 3 different sizes of this cabinet. (63kWh-126kWh-189kWh).

EES installed in the battery room

Most ships built globally today are designed with dedicated battery rooms.

Older ships that do not have this and that do not have space for an EES deckhouse outside often have the opportunity to re-prioritise the use of space inside the ship to create a battery room. Before batteries can be installed, this room must satisfy class requirements for fire safety and ventilation.

EES for industry and agriculture

Battery systems on land are less expensive to purchase and have fewer safety requirements than on board ships.

What can battery systems contribute to the industrial and agricultural industry?

  • Customers who require 100% uptime for energy
  • Customers who want to expand their business, but who do not get more power from the power grid
  • Customers who wish to optimize energy consumption and management
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing energy costs


Fjord Energy offers a complete EES package with 10kWh battery, converter and 20 solar panels.

Why batteries for houses and cottages?

  • Stores solar energy
  • Use stored energy when electricity prices are high
  • Optimizing energy management
  • Customers with a need for a stable energy supply

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