Hybrid system

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Fjord Hybrid

The hybrid system uses the residual capacity from the generator to charge the batteries, while at the same time the generator feeds electricity to the rest of the facility. Once the batteries are fully charged, the generator stops and FJORD HYBRID® operates the facility.

The system is mobile and can readily be fitted to feeding barges Components from Bosch Rexroth and ABB, among others, ensure that there is a stable and secure energy solution for breeding facilities.

FJORD HYBRID® also prepares the feeding barge for using new renewable energy technology, such as wind, wave, tidal and solar power.

Diesel generator

If you use a diesel generator to operate your breeding facility, Fjord Hybrid will be able to reduce both the costs and CO2 emissions significantly – you can actually reduce the running time of your generator by up to 90%.

The purpose of Fjord Hybrid is to reduce the running time of the diesel generator, stabilise operation of the breeding facility and secure energy production.

Most diesel generators are oversized and operate at unfavourable loads. This has an adverse effect on lifetime on the diesel generator and leads to high CO2 emissions, frequent service intervals, high oil and fuel

When you buy and install Fjord Hybrid, the running time of the diesel generator will be reduced to a minimum and will be completely independent of energy peaks and production stage. You will always obtain the maximum number of kWh pr. litre of diesel, which in turn leads to the minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions. Fuel consumption and the need for servicing will be dramatically reduced. The lifetime of your diesel generator will be increased multiple times.

Other energy sources

Fjord Hybrid is developed and design with the possibility of connecting different energy sources. The most common globally is diesel generator, but there are several fish farmers using other options.

  • Shore power
  • Solar panels
  • Wind

In Norway there it’s becoming more common to use shore power where it’s possible. In that case the Fjord Hybrid-system will work as a UPS and peak-shaver to reduce costs. In cases of solar panels and wind, the system will work in the same way as diesel-generator – just more climate friendly.


Remote Operation Centre

Our aim is to be more than just a supplier. In other words, we help our customers from the time the system is installed, through commissioning and during operation.

Once the system has been installed, as a customer you will have access to our support department, as well as the Fjord Control platform.

Find out more about how we follow up our customers here!

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Here you can get an approximation of the effect of transitioning to one of our hybrid systems!

You can save 50,000 litres of diesel and 133 tonnes of CO2 each year. This is equivalent to removing 66.6 cars from the roads.

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